New Tools to Help Group Admins Protect, Manage and Grow Their Facebook Groups

LEFT: Michelle P. (Moderator, Latinx Surf Club) CENTER: Vanessa Y. (Admin, Women Who Surf, Latinx Surf Club) RIGHT: Amairany M. (Member, Latinx Surf Club)

Today, we’re announcing new features to help Facebook group admins keep their groups safe and healthy, reduce misinformation, and to make it easier for them to manage and grow their groups with relevant audiences.

Keeping Groups Safe and Reducing Misinformation

Communities can only thrive as places to connect when they are safe. These new tools will help admins prevent the spread of misinformation and manage interactions in their group: 

More Easily Manage a Community

To help make it easier for group admins to manage their communities, with these updates they can: 

Grow Groups with the Relevant Audiences

These new tools will help admins who want to grow their communities by reaching the relevant people: 

Read more about these new tools and features on the Facebook Community website.